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Pilot & Airplane on Runway Cake

Life is full of surprises, and someone is planning a birthday surprise. How exciting can that be. And what makes it more exciting is I’ll be part of it, I’ll be baking the cake and cupcakes 🙂 hihi

The birthday guy is yet again a pilot, so that would be the theme. Since I have made a pilot and airplane cake already, I want this to look different. This time, I planned on putting them on a runway. I want each of my cake to be one of a kind. This cake comes with cupcakes, which makes it more exciting to decorate.

I made Mr. Pilot wear a jacket/coat this time

Mr. Pilot with his face

here’s the pilot, the plane and the runway

view from the sky 🙂

the whole view of the cake

designed the cupcakes with these toppers

the cake and cupcakes set up, just before the surprised celebrant saw it.










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  1. The design of the cake looked so fabulous! I’m in love with it! =)


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